Dear members of the Independent Democratic Conference.

The June 21st is the end of the New York State legislative session. It is time for the Independent Democratic Conference to make good on the promise to bring better results for the progressive agenda. As IDC leader Senator Klein has stated, "the Independent Democratic Conference is creating a majority coalition with Republicans because you must engage in order to make things happen." Staten Island State Senator Savino has also made statements recently about proving that the IDC is a good coalition to voters, “It’s clear that we have an opportunity now to reconnect with voters in a way we can educate them more and really get them involved in things that really matter on the state level,” Recently the IDC released the “Calls the Roll” campaign to highlight the lack of support of Democrats behind progressive issues, now is the time to put rhetoric into action.

There are several progressive issues that need to be brought to a vote and since the Republican party controls the agenda. The only hope for progressive issues will be if the IDC can use their compromise with Senate Republicans to move them. New Yorkers need the New York Healthcare act, the Climate and Community Protection act, Safe Staffing for Quality Act, the New York Call Center Bill, the NY Dream Act and the Liberty Act. The IDC can not prove their “Call the Roll” argument if the the bills can not get floor vote. Now it is time to “Call the Roll” on the whole Senate!

Cosponsorship of these bills is not enough. The litmus for leadership on this issues is whether you can bring the bill to the floor for a vote. As some of your most active constituents and community leaders, this is what we will be looking out for as the legislative session winds to a close. We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to your representing your constituents by bringing these historic bills to a vote.

Join a coalition dedicated to providing better lives for all Staten Islanders