#SIUnited2018 Jan 20 2018


#SIUnited 2018 Conference in the Huffington Post

Sustainable Staten Island and our parter organizations have laid a bold vision for empowering change and enacting progressive action. The Huffington Post highlights the vision we've laid forth and encourages those who are interested to register in the #SIUnited 2018 Conference.

Sustainable Staten Island Marches for the Climate

Hundreds of Staten Island residents marched with Sustainable Staten Island and other coalition members to fight for our climate, our environment, our water, and our soil. Climate change is real, and New York City has been and will continue to be on the front line of climate change unless our elected officials take action to combat warming temeratures, rising tides, and destructive storms like Hurricane Sandy.

Staten Island Advance — Letter to the Editor

Our own Core Comittee Member, Cesar Vargas, penned an op-ed in the Staten Island Advance describing how Staten Island is becoming a progressive leader, fighiting for afforddale healtcare, education and transportation, thanks to groups like Sustainable Staten Island and Move Forward Staten Island.

Sustainable Staten Island Meets With Diane Savino

On Friday, we took our mission to Diane Savino, Staten Island’s State Senator from the North Shore.After a brief reading of our Bill of Rights in front of her office, we presented Savino with our Bill of Rights and our conviction to fighting for housing, healthcare, employment, and equality. Savino welcomed our coalition and the advances we hope to make protecting and guaranteeing the Human Rights of Staten Islanders. We too were encouraged by her willingness to receive some issues. Surely, there will be more good collaboration to come.

NY1 Coverage

NY1 covered our rally outside borough hall where we presented our Bill of Rights to Staten Island Borough President Jim Oddo

Interview with NY1

Ruth and Steve sat down with Anthony Pascale at NY1 to discuss Sustainable Staten Island and the coalitions goals and course of action.